However, there are now actually zero Jews on Gers section, you will find the newest remains from a great Mellah during the Duar

However, there are now actually zero Jews on Gers section, you will find the newest remains from a great Mellah during the Duar

Between Amalu and you may EI-Hain, the latest ruins regarding a good " Duar", with what should have come a massive palace, can be seen.

FOVRTH BOOKE Of your own Historie out of Africa, as well as the fresh splendid things consisted of therein. An explanation of the kingdome out-of * Telensin> His kingdome beginneth westward in the riuers from Zha & Muluia, eastward it bordereth vpon The good riuer, southward vpon the newest wasteland from Numidia, and you will northward vpon the fresh new Mediterran water. This area is actually entitled by the Romanes Caesaria, and you can is because of the them inhabited: howbeit after the Romanes had been expelled, it was fullie possessed of the old gouernours thereof named Beni Habdulguad,2 and being a generation of your familie out of Magraua. His posteritie altering in more detail its ancient term had been called Beni Zeyen, that is, this new sonnes of Zeyen : plus they enioied so it kingdome towards place nearly away from 380. yeeres.3 Thoroughly the kings regarding Fez of your own ilie greatly molested him or her, so the individuals ten kings and this been successful Zeyen have been a few of her or him vnfortuate in the battell, some slaine, certain removed captiue, although some expelled the

kingdome, and you will chased to another location mountaines. Neither was in fact they without distress of one's leaders regarding Tunis : howbeit the latest kingdome off Telensin nevertheless remained to this familie, and so they proceeded during the peace for almost an hundred or so and you can twentie yeeres, being endammaged by zero forren fuel; sauing this 1 Abu Feris queen out-of Tunis, and his sonne Hutmen produced them to pay tribute to own certaine yeeres vnto Tunis, till the decease of the said Hutmen. So it kingdome stretcheth in length out-of east to help you western 380. kilometers, but in bredth of northern in order to southern area, that's, on Mediterran sea into deserts out-of Numidia perhaps not aboue flue and you will twentie miles: the event that it is frequently oppressed of the the Arabians inhabiting the latest Numidian deserts. Brand new leaders regarding Telensin haae alwaies endeuoured by high merchandise in order to gaine the favorable tend to and you can relationship of your Numidians, nonetheless they you will neuer satisfie their insatiable couetice. A guy will seldome trauell safely from this kingdome: howbeit listed below are higher store away from resellers, perhaps possibly because it adioneth so you can Numidia, if not for that how to the newest land out-of Negros lieth thanks to they. They hath a couple of really * Or Oran. well-known & visited hauen-townes, the main one entitled *Horam, * OrMersai- as well as the other *Marsa Elcabir, whither vse in order to hotel high store of Genoueses, and you will Venetians. However, afterwards both of these townes was in fact taken from the Wear Ferdinando brand new Catholike queen, toward great inconuenience of all the which kingdome : whereby cause the king after that raigning best dating and hookup apps ios titled Abuchemmeu, are expelled his kingdome and set in order to trip from the their owne subiects: a short while later Abuze'yen is recovered towards kingdome, who had having certaine yeeres beene imprisoned by their nephew Abuchemmeu: howbeit he enioied brand new kingdome but an incredibly brief room. For he had been at length miserably slaine by Barbarossa this new Turke, who conquered the kingAbtichemmeu

And it also remained vnto him or her and their successors three hundred yeeres, vntill particularly day since good certaine mightie guy entitled Ghamrazen the brand new sonne of Zeyen tooke palms thereof

his kingdome that was expelled by the his owne subiects, hauing intelligence, Charles thefift.delivered to craue guide of the emperour Charles new fift, for which

This is exactly perhaps Gerseluin ; to possess at best it may have-not started more than a great Kasba community to hang the brand new admission

he wished so you can recouer his kingdome. And this request are offered, he leuied an effective puissant armie, making warre up against Barbarossa, and you can hauing driuen him out, the guy recouered their kingdome, and you will seuerely punished her or him that had conspired his banishment. And he gave brand new Foreign language troops the pay, delivered the latest captaines home with higher rewardes, and you can welcome Charles the latest emperour a huge yeerely reuenue so long when he liued.cuatro Shortly after their decease been successful his cousin Habdulla, who forgetting the fresh new league created before betweene the fresh emperour with his sister, and you may relying vpon Solinian the nice Turke, refused to shell out more tribute vnto the fresh emperour Charles, and you may hath kept fingers of your kingdome, right up until *which expose.six Great majority of the 1526. area are vntilled, drie, and you can bare, especially south. Howbeit the ocean coast is somewhat significantly more fertill. The territorie adiacent on the citie regarding Telensin is stuffed with woods, sauing your westerne region towardes the ocean was mountainous. As well the newest areas of Tenez and Alger containe mountaines abounding with most of the kinde regarding products. Within region is however, pair cities aud castles, howbeit it’s a lot of fruitfull and you may privileged lay, while we usually hereafter state in particular. Of one's wasteland of An excellent ngad.

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